Hiking Cinque Terre and in the surrounding

Guided Hiking Cinque Terre
Guided Hiking Cinque Terre

We can guide you across the paths of Cinque Terre, Versilia, Appennino Tosco Emiliano and Alpi Apuane. We are professional mountain guides based in this area. We know in deep this region and we can select and advice the best exiting experience for you.


You should wear a good pair of shoes. The sole should not be slick. You also need a small backpack to bring some water, snacks and a light jacket. If you miss a backpack you can borrow it from us.

Technical level needed

The paths of Cinque Terre and the surrounding can be suitable for absolute beginners. They are generally for every person in good shape. Families and children from 8 y.o. (and in some cases even less) will also enjoy it. Some trails are quite difficult and exposed and will add adrenalin to your experience. However those trails are not for all.

The guides will select the best option for you based on information you will provide: please be fair ! You will enjoy a well balanced choice.


  • € 350 per group (from 1 to 2 people);
  • € 400 per group (from 3 to 6 people)
  • Family price: families pay 350€ (two adults maximum)

Some proposals

  • The classical Cinque Terre traverse: easy, feasable in one day for trained people. It can be shortened or splitted in more days, based on your needs
  • The Tramonti trail: a very wild area with steep and exposed path. Challenging and exiting
  • The Apuan Alps traverse: feasable in 3 days average. Nice traverse all along a mountain chain close to the sea
  • The Appennine traverse: various possibilities from one day to several days
  • The easy summits on Apuan Alps: various possibilities, feasable in one day
  • The easy summits on Appennines: various possibilities, feasable in one day
Hiking Cinque Terre
Family ascent of Mount Tambura, Apuan Alps

Other activities

Maybe you are also interested in our climbing, via ferrata and canyoning proposals.

Please contact us for detailed information. Thank you 

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