Via Ferrata in Tuscany

Via Ferrata in Tuscany are the easiest approach to climbing and mountaineering. They are suitable for every person in good shape. Families and children from 8 y.o. will also enjoy it. We are professional mountain guides based in this area. We know in deep this region and we can select and advice the best exiting experience for you.

Via Ferrata in Tuscany

Via Ferrata were born as equipped routes to reach summits or cols in the easiest possibile way, mainly built by soldiers during the first world war, the war front being exactly along the mountains ridges.

Via Ferrata are usually equipped with a steel cable all along the way, used for both progression and safety. Sometimes there are also steel steps, or cable/wood bridges, to ease the progression. 

In Tuscany and in the surrounding there are some Via Ferrata, including the probably first via ferrata of all times, built in 1893 on Mount Procinto.

Technical level needed

Via Ferrata are suitable for absolute beginners. They are for every person in good shape. Families and children from 8 y.o. will also enjoy it.

The guides will select the best option for you based on information you will provide: please be fair ! You will enjoy a well balanced choice.

The Via Ferrata in Tuscany and in the surrounding

Via Ferrata in Tuscany:

  • Via Ferrata of Mount Procinto, the oldest
  • Via Ferrata of Mount Forato, an impressive natural rock arch
  • Via ferrata of Pizzo d’Uccello, in front of the biggest rock wall of Tuscany
  • Via Ferrata of Mount Serra, the hardest and more technical
  • Via Ferrata of Mount Contrario, the longest

Via Ferrata in Tuscany

Via Ferrata Pizzo d’Uccello

Via Ferrata in Emilia Romagna

  • via Ferrata of Alpini on Pietra di Bismantova
  • El Barranco del Dolo, above the nice Dolo river
  • Via Ferrata of Mount Penna, hard with an open view on the Appennines

Via Ferrata in Liguria

  • the marble quarries of Muzzerone


We provide all personal technical equipment needed: harness, via ferrata kit and helmet.

You should wear a good pair of shoes. The sole should not be slick. You also need a small backpack to bring some water, snacks and a light jacket. If you miss a backpack you can borrow it from us.


  • € 350 per group (from 1 to 2 people);
  • € 400 per group (from 3 to 6 people)
  • Family price: families pay 350€ (two adults maximum)

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